Pat Andrea


    • Male
    • New Subjectivity

    About the artist

    1942: Pat Andrea was born in the Hague, Netherlands
    1960-1965: Pat Andrea studied at the Royal Academy of fine arts in the Hague, 1 where was a pupil of the painter Co Westerik
    1964: Andrea won in Jacob Maris drawing
    1977: Jean Clair invited him to participate in the exhibition "new subjectivity" in the Festival de autumn in Paris, along with Jim Dine, David Hockney, Ron Kitaj among others.
    2002: He was elected corresponding member of the Academy of fine arts of the Institute of France.
    2007: From June to September 2007 he presented 48 paintings illustrating the works of Lewis Carroll in the castle of Chenonceau

    Son of an - Kees - artist and an Illustrator - Metti - Naezer, was born in 1942 in Hague (Netherlands), where he studied at the Royal Academy of fine arts.

    In 1967 won the drawing Prize Jacob Maris.During the 1970s formed the grupoABN, together with his friends Peter Blokhuis and Walter Nobbe, performing numerous exhibitions in Belgium and the Netherlands.

    In 1976, after his first exhibition in Paris, travels to Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, where he stayed six months. This experience produced a fundamental shift in his life and his work. From this moment his figurative compositions acquire formal tension and strength, their characters have lost his psychological balance and discussed between tenderness and violence. At the same time, the classical base of his style is enriched with very personal and expressive deformations that give his work unusual dramatic force.


    his return to Europe settles in Paris, where he met Antonio Seguí. In 1982 the Welling art critic qualify his painting as "psychic Impressionism" and e. Lucie Smith includes it in his book 'Art in the 1970s'.

    Between 1983 and 1989 works Alternatively six months in Buenos Aires and six in Europe (the Hague and Paris). During the 1990s he exhibits in Gallery Balducci-Daverio, in New York, and in 1998 he was appointed Professor at the national school of fine arts in Paris, city where he lives with his family since then.

    Has made numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe and America.

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