Paul Robin McNulty


    • Male
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Sculptor
    • Contemporary

    About the artist

    Paul McNulty is a painter and sculptor who was born in 1952. He studied art through high school and after high school through various courses. He likes to experiment with art that is different and usually textured. He shows his work on his website and twitter as well as participating in international exhibitions, some of these include the exhibition Words and Works in Venice in conjunction with the 2015 Venice Biennale. In 2015 he showed in the exhibition Contemporary Visions held in Florence Italy. In 2016, he exhibited in the 20th Anniversary Innsbruck International Art Fair in Innsbruck Austria. In Ontario Canada, he participated in the exhibition Haunting Memories held in July 2016 where he received a third place in the competition section for 2D Mixed Media. He has most recently shown in the 2017 Tokyo International Art Fair. He will be showing in the Amsterdam International Art Fair at the end of August 2017. He has been invited to show in many more exhibitions and Galleries around the world.
    As well as being invited to and showing in exhibitions he is also featured in the 2016 First Art Berliner book. He is also featured in the 2017 First Art Berliner Book. He is featured in the 2017 Contemporary Art of Excellence Book Volume 3 and will be in the 2018 Contemporary Art of Excellence Book Volume 4 and The Best Modern and Contemporary Artist book 2017 also will be in The Art Inspirations Book 2018 Modern Masters He has just recently been offered a solo exhibition in Manhattan New York. He is a recipient of the Francisco Goya International Art Award, Barcelona Spain, the Caravaggio International Art Award, Rome and the Milan Art Award. He is also a nominee for the 2017 Global Art Award in the category mixed media and will be featured in the May – June edition and July – August edition of Art International Contemporary Magazine.