paula breijo breijo


    • Female
    • Drawer
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Hyperrealist
    • Neoconceptual
    • Painter
    • writer

    About the artist

    Good afternoon, I would like to make with you, but first I would like to introduce myself:  The people call me Paula and I am an artist. I love all the fine arts, my specialty is painting and writing. And both I created a new kind of art, my way of expressing encompasses all art and none. It can be seen in any of its subcategories and, while not belong to any of them. Something that inspired me to make a deep analysis of this system, a circular system we have found that it has reached its boiling point and in which we are all lost, speaking of the social individual, proposing other social, economic and labor model. I think I have a great potential, and I have worked in other places and I've been doing informal presentations. Actually, they were great. I attracted a lot of people, but still was not finished yet. But now I want to make an exhibition of painting and writing, giving a very dynamic conference talking about how we can improve our world. To speak to young people and adults on "The Road to Humanity" which is not if not the way to happiness. In this work I give a very particular point of view, from the subjectivity and objectivity, his own vision of the human world and how we could improve it (surreal, it belongs to the world of my dreams), making a bombastic critique of reality, from a glorified point of view. Besides this exhibition I will be moving on it I will make a presentation and want to give a lecture. Birth from my own history to the history of humanity. With the help of my paintings, my poems and my prose, I want to present to the world this work, in order to create and recreate. To grow and evolve, to re-evolve. I am 24 and am one of the many young people affected by social problems. So I want to promote, promote art, out of all the darkness. Thank you very much for your attention, I expect an answer. I would appreciate any of them, whether they accept the proposal or not. Thank you for your attention and apologize for any inconvenience. Good morning and happy life.