Paula Salas


    • Female

    About the artist

    "My artistic practice focuses on community processes of identity creation, integrating tools from various fields, such as anthropology, ethnographic portrait colonial archives. My motivation is to reveal and question the historical prejudices that mark the life of the communities with which I am involved. From the observation and experience of everyday social context, developing particular research methods. Thus, in every project I choose materials and techniques that exploit the local imaginary and yet, are appealing to the primary audience. This constant search for artistic methods, the painting has a privileged status: the pictorial representation provides a common ground where spectators and I can talk. Overall in my practice I use painting as a framework within which I can experiment with different genres and artistic techniques to maintain a consistent visual. This plastic hybridity makes my work are formally different, but in all of them the same concern underlies the formation and transformation of cultural identity."

    Paula Salas

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