Paulina Knyziak-Niezgodzka


    • Female
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Performance


    galeria in zieleniewscy palace,
    Lamelli Cultural Center in Cracow,
    in the Czecz Palace in Cracow,
    the Duke’s Castle in Zywiec, the old Polish manor Krzykawka,
    palace in Boleslaw.
    the Skawina Palace gallery, palace in Blizyn
    palace "Art - styl" in Kielce
    Piast castle in Raciborz,
    Venice Art factory

    About the artist

    Paulina Knyziak-Niezgodzka was born in Cracow, where in 2002 she obtained a degree in cultural studies from Jagiellonian University. Her thesis on perceptions of time has been selected for publication in the scientific publishing house Universitas.
    A poet, a painter, an organizer of cultural activities. A prize-winner of poetry contests and awards for directing theatrical performances. She also presented her works at the meetings “Poets of four countries”.  In 2011, edited by Jacek Lubart-Krzysica, a reproduction of her paintings “Wariacje na temat cz?owieka” (Variations about Man) of her authorship was published.
    Her paintings were made available to the public during vernissages, such as in the Center Cultural Center in Cracow, in the Czecz Palace in Cracow, the Duke’s Castle in Zywiec, in the Zieliniewscy Palace, the old Polish manor “Krzykawka”, the Skawina Palace gallery, castle in Blizyn, palace Art Styl in Kielce, the Piast castle in Raciborz and for collective exhibitions (Ponidzie), ART Factory in Venice. 
    She also presented her paintings with the use of multimedia as paratheatrical performances, among others, in the Czecz Court, at the vernissage in the Zywiec Castle, and in the Center Cultural Center, Street Mikolajska, in the Piast castle in Raciborz (reportage of this event was in TV).
    The concept of her oeuvre was most accurately described by a famous artist and art critic, Zbigniew Kresowaty, who wrote a comprehensive analysis of her pictorial works in the artistic and literary quarterly “Metaphor” 1(82), 2002, Miniatura Kraków.