Pep Agut


    • Male

    About the artist

    He currently lives in Terrassa.
    1961: Born in Terrassa, Barcelona

    Departing from his double background on the practice of painting and photography Pep Agut focuses very soon his interest on
    the problems of representation, the role of the artist and the place of Art.
    His understanding of the space of Art as properly the public space itself, aside of any epoch conditions or culture particularities,
    and worried about the modes of production of meaning and the strategies being used to bring art productions into public scene,
    Agut develops a complex and personal process of work which permits him to imbricate his esthetical project with his political
    Pep Agut works on his projects unfolding his research over a wide range of media, techniques and concepts to submit to study
    the ideas interesting to him along large periods of time working on problems in relation to representation or language, for
    After an arduous process of writing and overwriting any expressionistic narrative form is erased, and the artist can elaborate a
    complex index of generic models of work to structure his activities. It allows the projects to remain opened to further research
    and independent of any rigid notion of style while permitting the artist to withdraw of systematic production of the artefacts
    which would close the process of work.
    Using the big amount of creative conceptual materials inventoried, Agut can replace any moment of his own artistic history to
    the present and display it as a site-specific answer to each exhibition opportunity.