Pep Carrió


    • Male

    About the artist

    1963: Was born in Palma de Mallorca
    1990: First exhibit "Premio Jove News" Design & Illustration
    2007: Sketchbook: A new drawing every day

    Pep Carrió searches for objects and ends up encountering emotions.  Countering emotions, consequently, against which the visitor can harbor any feeling except indifference. A gallery of tiny, commonplace heartbeats mixed together, combining with each other until they make up the two faces of the same coin: the heart of those shoreless seas which we have taken to calling human beings. And then,even harder still; enclosing the blended natures of these resulting pieces within the four walls of a box.

    Boxes full of old photographs, letters, papers, objects and belongings. Family albums slumbering in street markets and antiques shops, promiscuously mixed, memories that were never united and now, by chance, coexist in strange relationships.  Glimpses that never thought they would be seen by other eyes, intimate moments, mixed alongside objects that for years accompanied and served their purpose.  Wisps of life, that elicit from us an irresistible fascination.  They are those shipwrecks that arrive to our hands after the most turbulent of trips, they are those capsules of memory on which Pep Carrió builds his works. The reinvention of a nonexistent past, the curiosity for the lives of others, for those used and discarded objects, junkyard jewels that coexist, cluttered together in boxes and on shelves to finally be reinterpreted back into a new space. 

    An author that began by devoting the best of his time to searching for objects and ended up possessing the best recent collection of (en)countered emotions.

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