pepe moreno


    • Male
    • Painter


    galeria boston , santiago de chile
    artenlinea, santiago de chile

    About the artist

    The work of Pepe Moreno has always reflected urban life, where shapes and textures are recognized inspired by the daily living of the urban environment. His work in us is a guest of hidden places, dismal, disagreements of the great metropolis, the chaos in which the man is immersed. That chaos in which this artist also lives, works and develops.
    In his first initial stage as a self-taught painter, this Moreno uses the neat and clean, with finely finished shapes and colors, during this period of prison operation that allows the breathing to contemplate it. After experiencing a painting with more academic touches - which in some way allows the art of the highest technology - it begins to develop a gradually more aggressive work directly with the own feeling and with an intimate and characteristic encounter.
    Pepe Moreno went on to study Bachelor of Visual Arts at the UMCE in 2000. Three years later, as a result of an accident that makes his right hand impossible for months, the artist begins to work with his left hand in response to a need Of Vital necessity of continuing to manifest itself through painting. Probably it is in this period where a more expressionist bill is sharpened, denoting a more nervous and hurried line, giving account of a more unbridled language according to the personal experiences of the painter.
    Within the first mentioned stage, Moreno illustrates the cover of the book of poetry "One for the bad ones" of Elías Romero Don Satula, 2000. Here emerges a link with the poetry, trying to represent phrases through the plastic one. What is later the concretion in the exhibition "PxP", where poetry plays along with the images. Each poetry is reflected like a mirror in each painting, with which the viewer can make a reading of the poetry in which they inspired the images that are reflected in each work. Years later, resuming his attachment to poetry, he illustrated the cover of the book "With the help of my friends", an anthology of poetry and short stories, the work "The Gap that passed the glass" made in 2006.

    From the last three years the work of Pepe Moreno acquires greater expressive force, portrays the movement, the vigorosity and speed of the lines that compose each of his works, manifest the happening of a lapse in the city, disorder and madness That trigger an autobiographical trip, are made present in the personal memory of the passer-by who lives in this environment, the memories that make the patent through the forms that emerge from time and space. Justified or sometimes random forms that emerge from the expression of a habitual habit, forms that communicate framed in hard black lines that dramatize the experiences embodied by the artist. Lines, grooves and strokes accelerated and urgent that translate into a primitive expression, evoking an individual and personal pass.
    Of all the types of elements that make up the feelings of suffocation and narrowness, the numbers, letters, words and phrases act as a visual weight of the work, integrate the planes, which are complemented by the formal elements, However, the penetrating graphics In the middle of the forms in turn act in a consistent way with the content of the work.
    Color invades every space, like the human mass in the suburbs of the capital, a violent color, full of force, explicit, powerful that unleashes fury and speed.
    The work of this artist sensibility of the lively way, introducing us into various notions of real and unreal temporal and spatial.

    Angie Rossel M
    Bachelor of Visual Arts

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