Peter Maier


    • Male
    • Hyperrealist

    About the artist

    1945: Born in Brooklyn, NY
    1965: General Motors Design Staff, Summer Program

    Peter Maier, or Pete as his friends call him, is the son of immigrants. He grew up in the multi-ethnic environment of Brooklyn, and emerged as an all American boy who in college became an all American soccer player. From his beginnings, art was always his driving passion. At 18, he was selected to work on the sculpture for the World’s Fair. After serving in Vietnam, he went to work for GM in its heyday, his imprint can be found on a number of their classic designs. But during these years, although being regarded as a young prodigy and rising to the level of senior designer, he felt unfulfilled. His passion for art ate at him, so he threw away the security of corporate America and dove into the uncertain waters of the fine art world. With his maverick approach, he forged a new path. 

    Away from the mainstream of the art world in rural Buck Hill Falls, Peter Maier has quietly worked at revolutionizing American Realism.

    He accomplished this by combining his innate artistic genius coupled with the development of a self–generated, groundbreaking, technique. In the process, he’s crossed alone into that no man’s land between realism and reality, making his larger than life paintings startling in their presence and their vision.  

    Following his independent spirit, Maier shunned the conventional gallery system by literally taking to the road. In this way, he was able to prosper, finding independent minded buyers who now form a strong core of enthusiastic collectors.

    Source:  America Says Enough Website

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