Petra Kamenikova


    • Female
    • Painter

    Galleries Prague

    About the artist

    Petra Kameníková

    Born 2.3.1987, Brno

    Studies: 2003 - 2007 School of arst and design, Brno
    2007 – 2013 Academy of fine arts, studio of painting, Prague, prof. Jirí Sopko

    2011 - Faculdade de Belas Artes, Porto
    2009 – 2010 Graphic studio, prof. Jirí Lindovský

    Selected exhibitions:
    2014 – Snap your own, Prague
    2013 – Diplomants Academy of fine arts, Prague
    2010 – Graphics of year 2009, Glam-Gallas palace, Prague
    2009 - Graphics of year 2008, Glam-Gallas palace, Prague
    2009 – Exhibition Sopko´students, The church of sv. Vav?ince, Klatovy

    2011 - Symposium of graphic techniques, gallery Klatovy/ Klenová


    Charactecteristic of my creation:

    The main theme of my work is nature's suggestions. The most common are the views of the forest scenery and the water surface of the pond. I try to find something special int the landscape and use color to capture the moment of perception of the present moment.
    In the creation processing, I focus on composing color spaces and their relationships. I try to move the image to the abstract plane and simplify the shapes into changing horizons and vertical planes.
    I repeat often the elements into the rhythmizing color area.
    The most important thing for me is the color perception of space and the subsequent exploration with other elements.
    Painting for me primarily means capturing not only what I see, but mainly what I feel and perceive.
    I transform my own spiritual experiences through colors into stylized surfaces.
    I try to capture some unrepeatable impression I perceive from the landscape.

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