• Philip Jones


    • Male

    About the artist

    PHILIP JONES paintings are atypical, strange and mysterious, and portray a savage and colourful world. Theatrical and chameleonic characters pose within an enigmatic universe of patterns, geometry, and fluid painting. It is not difficult to track the diverse influences upon these works, from James Esnor to Willem de Kooning, from Bonnard to Josef von Stemberg, from Tal R to Picasso, from Vuillard to Cecil Beaton, from Hockney to Noël Coward, from Richard Lindner to Tallulah Bankhead…
    The artist uses the paint in different ways to suggest different types of light or surface, but also different feelings or emotional states creating intimate ambiguous dramas of the human condition. The paint becomes emotional material, analogous to states of mind, or emotional perceptions. His paintings are filled with sculptural figures, with optical illusions that turn into liquid paint, into light and shadow, to create a decorative, mutant world like a catalogue of patterns, colours, and forms, or a plague of signs, markings, and traces. He uses imagined symbols, metaphorical fantasies to produce dramatized moments of poetic evocations. He invents an artificial world in which elegance and coarseness, refinement and brutality live side by side.
    PHILIP JONES (Manchester, U.K., 1971) studied at  Central Saint Martins College and at The Royal College of Art in London. From 1994 to 1996 he was granted the TI Group Painting Scholarship from The Royal College of Art and the Rome Painting Scholarship from The British School at Rome in 1997. He has shown individually at Fred in  Leipzig and London, and in Goff & Rosenthal, New York, amongst others. He has taken part in group show in institucional centres Duch as New Contemporaries at  Tate Gallery in Liverpool and in Camden Arts Centre in London , aswell as other art galleries such as, The Most Splendid Apocalypse at PPOW in New Cork, or  Shattered Love at Keith Talent Gallery in London.

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