Philip Muñoz


    • Male
    • Painter
    • Hyperrealist


    About the artist

    "My work is concerned with the notion of glamour and its role in social identity. I am particularly interested in the idea of beauty through transformation and the concept of the contemporary sublime.

    Digital photography is an essential tool in my work. It creates an emotional platform to connect with the subject, whilst the staging and the artificiality of a photo shoot serve to enhance the visual language of the imagery and the subsequent portrait.

    I am a self-taught painter having graduated in a degree in biochemistry at the university of Bristol. I have been a resident of Jamaica Street Studios in Bristol since 2006.

    In the last year or so, my work has increasingly focused on creating portraits and figures immersed in the "urban" context. Whether a close up examination of the glamorous and modified, adorned with tattoos and piercings or a figure caught in a fleeting moment of city life.

    I am drawn to the vibrant and youthful, care-free characters I see everyday outside the doors of my studio. I am lucky to reside in a beautifully eclectic area of Bristol city where fashion and identity are of foremost importance, and provide constant inspiration and fuel my desire to paint.

    In my most recent work I continue to explore the use of paint, mark-making and surface texture within the framework of my hyperrealist technique."

    Philip Muñoz