Pilvi Takata


    • Female

    About the artist

    Lives and works in Istanbul and Amsterdam
    1981: Was born in Helsinki

    Pilvi Takala lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Istanbul, Turkey. Her work was recently included in the New Museum Triennial in New York, usa. Takala’s work is currently included in group exhibitions at De Hallen, Haarlem, the Netherlands, and Network, Aalst, Belgium. 

    Takala typically trespasses in smaller microcosms, using herself or hired actors and a hidden camera to document a single, subtle act of transgression of established social conduct. In doing so, she unsettles the unspoken rules of these ambiguous societies. Takala, with her unassuming but stubborn demeanour, has just the right tenor of awkward tension and implicit danger. When watching her videos, it’s easy to forget that she is not breaking any specific rules (though the person secretly filming her may be at risk). Like artists such as Sophie Calle, Adrian Piper or Andrea Fraser before her, she tests the boundaries of how threatening or non-threatening a young female artist violating social codes can be.