Pompeyo Curbelo Martín


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    • Painter


    The Gallery Pompeyo Curbelo Martín

    About the artist

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    Natural of San Sebastian the Gomera born in 1972, Spain, professional artistic development in Vienna, Austria.

    Member of the Spanish Association of painters and sculptors.

    Recently exhibitions:

    2018, 2018, The Gallery Steiner, 26/02/18, Vienna, Austria
    2018, 2018, Gallery secret Jun/18 Barcelona, Spain.
    2018, 2018, Art Secret Ibiza 09/18, Balearic Islands, Spain.
    2018, 2018, Waidhofen Thaya, Niedero Österreich 17 sep.
    2018, 2018, publication in the newspaper's oct. 2 Mein Bezirk: Weihofen/Thaya:
    2018, 2018, included in Aghape magazine, October, Spain
    2018, 2018, included in the catalog of Art San Diego 18-21/oct., California, USA.
    2018, 2018, included in the art magazine Spotlight Magazine, October / November.
    2018, 2018, 5th Biennial of art in microformat from 7 to Dec/18, Córdoba, Spain 27.

    Awards received

    2019, competition: Circle Foundation for the Arts, The CFA Artist of the Year Award 2018, USA, 863 artists, Pompeyo Curbelo, finalist, is located between the FINALIST20
    2018, 250 painters Pompeyo Curbelo Martín was a finalist in the Art contest Artavita 2018, staying inside the top 50, San Diego, California, USA, receiving a certificate of excellence.
    2018, certificate of participation and selection at the international Biennale of contemporary art Emerging Eve-Maria Zimmermann (BACOS 2018). Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

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