Ramon Company


    • Male
    • Painter


    Galeria ABBA ART Palma

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    The work of Ramon Company part of the individual, which goes beyond any figurative reference. Georg Baselitz how could make it, Company painted ornaments with content and makes them visible and legible in its meaning. Intends to assume the individual, through art, an attitude of opposition opposite the pictures.

    images of people without noticeable genre, with a common human profile, person represented as an individual and as a collective. Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattani already spoke of the "body without organs", a body in which organs, detached from the body work with the intensity of desire.

    their work does not try to treat the body as an object, but a special body that identifies a condition common to all human beings. Here reminds me of the essence of the work of the British Antony Gomley.

    Ramon Company painting goes quiet and looking for the order of everything that surrounds it. The visual world and certain optical sensations are the starting point of some experiences which, simplified to the most essential, are found on the surface of the fabric often orange. A color that represents the enthusiasm, creativity, attraction, the stimulus and his vision produces an effect of stimulation of mental activity. Still being introduced other dyes to go looking for other roads, this is trafficking.

    theme is minimal, pure resonance or suggestions, but the colour is the essence of a language that is incisive for its intense energy poorly frames, visuals, symbols associated with the memory"", philosophical reflections, pictorial experiences, this is the contribution that makes us the painting of Ramon Company and following one of the premises of Heidegger: "the work does not lose or suffer the passage of time, simply because despite having been created in a last time you rediscover continuously enriched."

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