• Male
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Illustrator
    • Mixed media
    • Painter

    About the artist

    A work of Art should look beautiful and be communicative. I use small and large size canvases depending on the subject. For bold work, I prefer a larger canvas as it helps me to work freely. Most of the time I work on a single Figure or Object with minimum background.
    A good work of Art- it attracts you and has magnetic value be it figurative/abstract or any other style.
    In my paintings I give importance to colours, texture and line. I find more solace in nature than the artificial world. I use basic colours in my painting and mostly warm colour. Red used in my paintings is not painful because colour ‘changes’ through forms, like a red circle or a red triangle.
    Today life is very complicated—whether a rich or a poor, literate or illiterate, a saint or a hero—all are victims of mental tension. World is full of opposites: good and bad, beautiful and ugly, negative and positive. I seldom paint frustration although I reacted to it. I find painting is a silent media to not mean for giving social messages.
    Other media, like T. V. and Print media are better. I find solace in painting. Love, hate, anger, joy, sorrow are the energy force behind my work.
    Colours and forms are the life of a painting. Light is also important to me in a painting and I create light through the use of hues. I work in Oil, Acrylic though sometimes I like watercolour and pastels.
    My childhood was spent in a Village. Its natural surrounding influenced my mind deeply. My works are links of my past experience.

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