raul calero


    • Male
    • Drawer
    • Painter

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    Painter born in Madrid in 1973
    academic background: self-taught.

    Solo and group exhibitions:
    -2002.Sala Galileo Galilei. Madrid.
    -2008 and 2010.Mercado of art of El Molar. Madrid
    -2009.Sala of temporary exhibitions of EL MOLAR. Madrid.
    -2006/2007/2008/2009/2010/2011/2012.Encuentro of artists of the Sierra Norte. La Cabrera. Madrid.
    - 2012. International exhibition "Art without frontiers" in Museum Antonio López Tomelloso
    -collective 2012.Exposicion in gallery "La Botica de las artes" in la Coruña
    -2012.Expo-installation "HORIZONS, the light of the time, La Cabrera, Madrid

    in its early stages the work of Raúl Calero develops abstract art as a fusion of matter and feelings that come to us through forms and colors.
    his second" stage, is reflected in the series: "Looks", which consists of drawings in pencil or charcoal, developed a style that has self-styled himself as realistic Expressionism, in which seeks expression pure, without chromatic effects and details materials as I had been using up to this point.
    in his next series called "LAS HUELLAS del HOMBRE" develops with an expressionist style that is halfway between realism and abstract. In this series, aims to capture the devastating traces that nature man leaves in his desire to create great civilizations lasting time.
    currently is working on "Wild"; a series of drawings with technical mixed realistic style which seeks to extol the figure of animals from the point of view of respect for them


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