Raul Eberhard


    • Male
    • Digital artist
    • Collage
    • Drawer
    • Designer
    • Sculptor
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Installation
    • Mixed media
    • Painter


    About the artist

    Painter and visual artist. Born on the 8 of June of 1955 in Valparaíso, Chile.

    At 1982, he exposed for the first time a series of drawings at Sala Byrd, Chile, at 1987 he won an honor mention at Arte Joven, Exposition of Sala El Farol of University de Chile de Valparaíso and Andes Foundation selects him for to make a series of Monographies.

    He won a scholarship of Amigos del Arte Corporation.

    Interviewed by Silvia de Ambrisini at Buenos Aires who sent him to meet Arasi Amaral the Dean of Faculty of Art of Universty of Sao Paulo.

    He exposes at Galería Sur, Punta del Este, Uruguay, Galería Praxis at Sao Paulo, Galería Rubbers at Buenos Aires and Galería Praxis at Santiago de Chile

    He participates at Museo de Bellas Artes de Santiago for Exposición de Arte Joven Aquí- Ahora, which later have been made also in Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador.
    Between 1988 and 1989 he is director of Sala La Cumbre at Viña del Mar, where he wins the Premium of Critic for his cultural management in the region, where he promotes poets, musicians and plastic artist.

    At 1989 he moves at Madrid, where he works exclusively for Sammer Gallery and later at 1994 he moves to Tenerife (Spain), where he actually lives.

    He exposes his artwork all in Spain, Germany, France, Malta, Norway, etc. Art Fairs of Chicago, Miami and ARCO Madrid

    Layla Ishi- Kawa, curator of Telefónica and curator for expositions at Latin America for Telefónica Foundation writes about Eberhard at magazine Arte al Día,(1990)

    He exposes at Santiago de Chile, at the exposition opened by The Prince Felipe de Asturias at 1992 , Pintores Chilenos en España.

    Catherine Coleman, curator of Museo de Arte Moderno Reina Sofía writes at article “Eberhard: Dentro y Fuera de la Tradición”:
    “…he creates the scene that permits the reflection where he insinuate and not require, taking us away from the constant pressure of outside world.” (1994)

    At 1996 SWATCH Spain commissions him to create the space design of their ARCO booth for the presentation of their collection of Artist Watches ( Yoko Ono, Sam Francis, Keith Haring, Eduardo Arroyo, etc.)

    At 1997 he participates at ARCO, Madrid, with Museo de Arte Moderno of University de Chile, Gallery Isabel Aninat and Gallery Sur de Punta del Este.

    At 1997 Omega Spain commissions him 6 oils on canvas for the presentation of the watch for Mars Project, realized with NASA, called Serie sobre el tiempo y el espacio (A Series about the Time and the Space)

    He exposes at Galería Aritza, Bilbao for Collective 3 Painters exposition.

    At 2000 he makes a Book-Object presented at Museo de Arte Moderno Reina Sofía at Madrid and selected for Expo-Libri of Biblioteca Nacional of Madrid for the exposition of books from XVI to XX century.

    He wrote about his artistic motivation in the fragment called Acerca de lo Común (About the common), of the this Book-Object:
    “We are look to gestate supports as windows for to talk and create in them, until we convert, thanks to our manifestations, in what surround us, and tell interminable times what we are, as eternal mirrors which never please us... it is our common necessity to provoke, observe, invent(us), as if the existing could be contained in one small gesture of time”.

    He is commissioned a sculpture installation called Los papeles de Neruda for a celebration of 100 years of the poet for Vancouver (Canada)

    He participates at different Collective Expositions of Chile’s artist at Casa de América, Madrid and at 2004, Museo de América, just to mention a few : Imagen de un Centenario, Pintores Chilenos,Españoles ilustran a Neruda, etc.

    He is invited from Telefónica Foundation of Santiago de Chile for the exposition called Pintores Vocacionales (Vocational Painters).

    At 2013, Pedro Celedón, professor of Universidad Católica de Santiago, writes the presentation of his exposition Entre-vista a una Luna Llena, at Universidad de Talca, Santiago de Chile:
    “ …. These are canvases on which the paint over paint was accumulated. The images that brake, destroy in one working session and redone in another. The initial composition is always discarded, intervened successively in its journey to a form that in a moment inhabits the painting. Then the fragments remain that are the signs of how the adventure started, residuals of the initial impulse coexisting with the marks of a long journey where the different has been fused generating the unit of diverse and which finishes constructing a tale that lives only inside of the reality of the artwork.”

    Raúl is commissioned by Facultad de Sociología of Universidad Católica de Santiago (Chile) to create an infography printed on paper of 110x230 cm. (2013) and another one at 2014.