Rebecca E. Bangs Bangs


    • Female
    • Painter
    • Pointillism

    About the artist

    I grew up in the back hills of East Tennessee fishing, climbing trees, running barefoot through corn fields and chasing after baby bunnies. It is this deep connection with nature that brings me back time and time again to create paintings inspired by our natural world.

    I use small square brushes, acrylic paint pens, and simple dots to create each piece. They are exercises in mindfulness and a connection to nature through art as I apply 7-8 layers for each piece. Time stippling really depends on the dot size to surface size ratio. As an example, my 3’x4’ pieces can take about 4 hours per square foot, but my 6”x6” pieces with the much smaller dots can take a single 4-hour session.

    These works have been shown and collected nationally and internationally, but can be most often found in various gallery shows and art fairs here in the Silicon Valley.

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