Ricardo Cavolo


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    About the artist

    Ricardo Cavolo was born in his father’s painting studio, so he grew up playing with brushes, colors and paintings… So since he was a little kid, he knew he had to earn his bread by drawing and painting. At some point he discovered the outsider art, and felt in love with it and now it is his main inspiration for his work…

    He has been working for some advertising agencies, but he got a pair of works by himself for Cirque du Soleil, and that was his first step working for his own art studio. Now he is working for three years by his own, illustrating for many books, magazines, advertising agencies, t-shirts, designing tattoos…

    He has started working in murals too. And at the same time on his personal projects for exhibitions all over the world.

    He tries to speak about the no-normal life in his work… He wants to show what outsider people loves too, that they cry like us, and they laugh and fall in love like everybody else…

    Ricardo Cavolo

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