Ricardo Wagner


    • Male
    • Drawer
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Painter


    Mesa Fine Art

    About the artist

    Artist, graphic designer and artegrafista. Born March 16 1973 year, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 

    in his artistic work has been devoted to exploring Visual worlds, linked to the magical nature and finding the figural in a context of creation open. The visions that we see in his drawing and painting are part of different possibilities of relationship within the framework of the artistic space today.

    assuming an agnostic aesthetic and above all linked to prints set in the fabric image and technique, the artist raises Dis-cover horizons of language and interpretation of forms escopicasachieved through technical procedures used in the postvanguardia and Cardinal reflected in his work dream space. Walking by evanescent surfaces and figurales nuclei where existential line seems configured using spatial cycles and temporary.

    formed between the Academy and the postacademicas liberties, the artist has selected its symbols to provoke a constituent vertical and transversal reading of a dream-like matter and a formal conversion. This conversion of matter-shaped compact or diluted, translates a generator source of registrations that are recognized in the current plastic with visible influences of productivity of late 20th and early 21st century.
    in 1990 studied at the National School of fine arts in Santo Domingo.
    studied graphic arts and advertising-oriented, cooperation projects as well as also, participation international.

    in 1992 he graduated Bachelor in physical sciences and mathematics.
    in 1996 is technical in advertising at the University autonomous of Santo Domingo.
    from 1997 until 2000 makes a specialty in communication for developmentMA - F.A.O.
    has participated in numerous courses and courses locally and abroad linked to the production of audiovisual media, photography and making of documentaries and reports, and the world of the Visual Arts in general.

    has participated in different exhibitions with national and foreign artists. His works have been awarded in contests of art and exhibited in prestigious galleries, both in the country and much of the world.

    2013, national biennial of drawing, National Gallery of fine arts
    2013, drawing Festival Foundation Arawak
    2013, Ministry of culture, Sala Ramon Oviedo
    2008, collective exhibition Arte Latinoamericano, Bavaro, Higuey, R.D.
    2007, artists Caribbean and Latin American contemporaries, international fair of the book, Santo Domingo, D. r.
    2002Individual cattle fair, Santo Domingo
    1999, collective exhibition and events Centre
    1998, collective Gallery of art gift Juan
    1998, Expo Arts UASD
    1997, Expo Arts UASD
    1996, Expo Arts UASD
    1996, collective Gallery of art Pedro Pablo Méndez
    1992, collective in the Hostal Nicolás de OvandoSanto Domingo, D.R.

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