Richard Barone


    • Male
    • Painter


    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    There is a robot inside me that paints. Last night I caught it making love to my wife. Afterward, she said, "Do it again." She likes repetition.

    I hate repetition and prefer difference.

    Right v. left, white v. black, round v. square, good v. evil, truth v. error, life v. death, soul v. body, self v. other.

    This last one--self v. other--gets me into trouble.

    In the sixties the mantra was "God is dead." Now it's, "There is no self." I beg to differ.

    I cannot deny myself, but when asked to show myself, all I can do is point to myself.

    But who is this I that is pointing?

    Even within myself I point at myself, who points back at myself. There I am!

    It's a repetitive game of tag.

    Then I'm no different from my wife after all.

    So, I seek ways to break the cycle of sameness.

    I defer to art, which begins with two dots with wings and ends with two dots with tails. Fill in the space between them and there I will be.


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