About the artist

    Lives and works in New York and Nova Scotia
    1939: Born in San Francisco

    One of the most preeminent sculptors of the twentieth century, Richard Serra has long been acclaimed for his challenging and innovative work which emphasizes the process of its fabrication, characteristics of materials, and an engagement with viewer and site. As an emerging artist in the early 1960s, Serra was a participant in the changing nature of artistic production. He and the Minimalist artists of his generation turned to unconventional, industrial materials and began to accentuate the physical properties of their work.

    Relieved of its symbolic role, freed from the traditional pedestal or base, and introduced into the real space of the viewer, sculpture took on a new relationship to the spectator whose phenomenological experience of an object became crucial to its meaning. Viewers were encouraged to move around-and sometimes on, in, and through-the work and encounter it from multiple perspectives. Over the years Serra has expounded further on this spatial and temporal approach to sculpture by activating and engaging the spatial field between subject and object. For the past two decades Serra has focused primarily on large-scale, site-specific works which create a dialogue with a particular architectural, urban, or landscape setting and in so doing redefine that space and the viewer's perception of it. The current exhibition presents Serra's Torqued Ellipses, the artist's most recent rumination on the physicality of space and the nature of sculpture

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