Rikke L. Boisen


    • Female
    • Painter


    Galleri Happycolours
    6200 Aabenraa

    About the artist

    Self-taught artist of almost 30 summers, and mother of 3 beautiful live wires .
    I started painting in 2010 , by then I had drawn portraits in just over 7 years. After a long illness , I took hold of the brushes to get away from everyday life. Suddenly I was drawn into this amazing world filled with beautiful colors , humor and characters .
    I could suddenly express who I was / is on the canvas, my feelings and sometimes weird humor. I found my own style , with lots of colors and fun designs - it did and makes me happy to paint these mood bombs.
    My work is characterized by humor, color, detail and shapes & lies in the naive genre. I like that my paintings are filled with details that trouble, humor and a flippant attitude & I must say that I LOVE to provoke some of my titles , but I leave it up to the individual to draw a conclusion on painting and title. ; p
    I love being able to spread happiness around with my paintings , it gives me a boost when you get an email from a very happy buyer - who just wrapped the painting out . Thanks a lot so good to give me response to my paintings , it means a lot to me :)
    In 2012 I was 2 times selected for måndens painting and was therefore in the year kunspris 2013 by artist club, with two works that won the month's painting - I got a nice 2 Space art by price in 2013 of 24 participating / selected works . The I'm more than happy . In January 2013 I was again chosen as the month's painting and is also one of the "chosen " which is included in this year's Art Prize 2014.
    My works are like my little children , they are a part of me , my thoughts , feelings - a painting is a long process .
    " I do not think there should be rules and guidelines in the art. If you really feel that you creates comes from the heart , it is already a masterpiece. There is nothing more rewarding than to experiment with colors, forms and shapes . Take a step back when you are done and have a sense of artistic accomplishment "

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