Rinus Van de Velde


    • Male

    About the artist

    Lives and works in Antwerp
    1983: Born in Lovaina, Belgium

    Rinus Van de Velde studied sculpture but subsequently turned to  drawing as his principal focus, considering drawing to be a more  interesting medium due to its fast and experimental nature. He is  influenced by artists such as Raymond Pettibon and Paul Noble who have redefined drawing as a medium. His large-format drawings use a scale that offers the viewer the physical sensation of being part of the work. Drawing is usually associated with a small, portable format, while its close-up, intimate language is allied to introspection and the communication of ideas and emotions. However, by moving into a larger scale the artist changes the relationship between the viewer and the object being  looked at. Van de Velde has abandoned colour and always uses charcoal, a technique that he handles with complete mastery and which barely allows for corrections. 
    Commenting on the use of a larger scale, Van de Velde says that it  enables him “to make larger gestures, to actually ‘sculpt’ the charcoal with my fingers and palms into forms with a certain volume. Besides, it’s important that a spectator can imagine himself stepping into a drawing. I choose to uphold the illusion that I create a 3-D world”.

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