Robert Zeman


    • Abstract expressionist
    • Mixed media
    • Sculptor
    • Glass

    About the artist

    Wall art for modern apartments:


    You'll find here modern interior art on the wall. Elegant contemporary design 21th century.? A new way how to enchant the glass.

    We'll commemorate art for thousands years. Art stay with us forever. Have unique art makes you unique.

    Black and white crystal sculptures. Glass reliefs hidden in front the world are very rare. Unique art for unique people.??


    Original sculpture. Glass relief is absolutely rare. It is not one of billions paintings or digital images.

    Crystal Eagle is a new art sculpture and mixed media suitable to the any modern interior of your home, apartment or office.

    This fine media is created in Bohemia Czech Republic. Visualy can be shifted between categories stained, architectural paintings or drawings.

    As a wallart decoration is similar with construction to the mirrors on the wall and same like mirrors has beuatiful light and reflection.

    3D deco design is pure handwork craft. A perfect unique gift for any opportunity.

    Exclusive art. Modern and elegant relief reflecting 21th century. Ready to hang on to the wall like a picture.

    Value: A perfect investment. Unique one of a kind. No one own any similar art like this. Never lose price.


    Perception of glass in 3th millennium


    Glass AGE


    If you could be able to look from the back to the present and future time what would you'll see in our age ?

    Can you imagine world without glass ?


    When you look from the history to the present and future time you'll see the glass. It's one of the strongest medium. Without glass would be not introduced many ideas and inventions. Glass is with us for thousands years and is changing one culture after another culture. Even in this moments are many people working at the new glass inventions. Big jump experienced glass in the last 100 years but the biggest yet to come.


    Glass is literally everywhere in our lifes, in cities, in technology, buildings, cars and also in art. It's very important element.


    Almost all glass artist are creating glass art through the hot-liquid form. Robert is one of the few people who is giving to the glass the shape in a cold form. It takes much more time and is much more difficult but the final effect is also much more rare and unique.


    Robert's using glass medium like a platform with perfect balance between nature and technology. He's combinating old ancient sculpture technique with modern contemporary technology.


    You can see in Robert's art crystal lights with modern and fragile elegance.


    " As a liquid freezes in a time has glass a little bit of magic "


    " Glass will be represented our present culture in future history "


    Glass artist Robert Zeman was born and he's living in Bohemia. He's 5th generation glass artists. Because of technology evolution in last few years he was capable to invent his own way how to work with glass.


    You'll find in crystal wall reliefs modern and elegant contemporary art style.


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