Rolando Monterroza


    • Male
    • Drawer
    • Painter
    • Photographer


    About the artist

    Rolando Monterrosa, was born in San Salvador, El Salvador on October 7, 1979.

    He began his studies in San Salvador, in different private schools of arts; he studied at the National Arts Centre CENAR, where he coursed drawing and painting; he got to third year of a Bachelor in Visual Arts at the National University of El Salvador.

    Monterrosa started his international studies in 2002, as an intern at the National Academy of Fine Arts in San Alejandro, Cuba. Later in 2010 he studied at the School of Lighting, Professional Photography in Motivarte, Argentina.


    2015 - Currently working with ONLINE GALLERY

    2013 - From Portrait to Self Potrait, El Salvador; Tribute to Salvadoran artist Alfredo Catalan, El Salvador; Intervention "Museo Nacional Tecleño" Co-Madres Aniversary, El Salvador; Parallel Artworks, Fepade-Isaide, El Salvador; Salvadoran Contemporary Art, Rosas Botran Gallery, Guatemala City.

    2012 - Contemporary Drawing Exhibition "Vitamin" curated by Walterio Iraheta, Cultural Center of Spain, El Salvador

    2011 - Contemporary Drawing Exhibition "Casa Tomada", curated by Italian artist Cristina Gozzini, Cultural Center of Spain, El Salvador; Memory Lines Exhibition, El Salvador

    2009 - Sale of Small Artworks, curated by Simon Vega, El Salvador;

    2008 - Collective exhibition with Salvadoran artists Walterio Iraheta, Ronald, Moran, Mayra Barraza, Simon Vega and Alexic Miranda; Drawing and Photography Exhibition in BARBU Gallery, El Salvador

    His artworks are in Private Collections in El Salvador, Guatemala, Argentina, Japan, Spain, Brazil and United States.

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