Román Martín


    • Male

    About the artist

    Román Martín, was born in Barcelona in 1972.

    developed his education in sculpture at the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona and at the Academy of Art in Florence. He then increased his knowledge and skills in stone, metal and resin in workshops of various reputed artists.

    He had previously been educated in several fields, including academic degrees in Philosophy and in Economics at St. Mary’s College of California and the University of California at Berkeley; with courses in mathematics, religion and psychology. He also studied film writing, directing, and production. He produced several short films in the region around San Francisco, and directed a documentary about respect and tolerance for the Forum of Cultures in Barcelona 2004.

    In recent years, he has combined his role as artist, with being an entrepreneur in the software industry. Having already created several companies, his interest is now fully devoted to his passion as sculptor.

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