• Rosa Pérez Carasa


    • Female

    About the artist

    1957: Born in Riotinto (Huelva)
    1980: He received a scholarship of landscape painting. Ministry of culture. Avellaneda's Palace. Peñaranda de Duero. Burgos.
    1981: Degree in fine arts (painting) from the Faculty of fine arts of San Fernando. Madrid.
    1989: First solo exhibition at the Gallery Blasco de Garay Street. Caja Madrid. Madrid.
    2008: Medal of honor xxiii painting bmw award

    Almost since I started my solo painting and making occasional concessions to other genres, portraits or murals, I have dedicated myself to paint the town mainly because it focuses on her and her pictures all the problems of modern man.

    Not just paint to paint better but to know more (about myself and my peers). So I face the vertigo of highways in the exhibition of 1995 that title "Still Life". Through this work I discovered sencuencialidad run our lives that couples in cars.
    Hence turned to the study of undifferentiated city. I approach the places that are losing their identity, beginning to portray landscapes and images without proper place. Something I termed as non-places. Later I reflected on state spaces of reform and abandonment. Images that reflect urban nudity and scars that architecture has left.

    When I have the image cut it, the composing, cutting and pasting, the repeat joining two equal pieces, increasing the extension cord exaggerating or flat, may remove ....... Play with it or just settle for me. And adopted it as my way to draw and then to paint. I am traditional in my painting using oil on different media.

    After all these years of dedication to painting the result is the printing of my emotions and concerns vital and plastic canvas and the will to leave a record on patent fabric of modern society. In my conception of painting given the need to chronicle my life time and paint the scenes that, for me, better define the time alive. Large cities.

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