Rosario Carmona


    • Female

    About the artist

    Rosario Carmnona holds a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Chile and a Master in Visual Arts from the University of Chile. Currently completing the Masters in Anthropology from the University Academy of Christian Humanism. Her work expands traditional pictorial supports, linking miniature painting still life through the daily representation of what is looked over by presenting repetitive and under rigorous. She has exhibited individually four times, Other Practices in Animal Gallery Parties in Moro Gallery, 2010, Dissemination in Die Ecke Gallery, 2009 and Sterile Discipline Habit in Gallery BECHs, 2008. Entre year group exhibitions include archipelago in gallery concrete, Matucana 100, 2010, cOHORT Museum of Contemporary Art, 2009, in Room Language to Dish SAM 2009, CONDUIT, Visual Arts Museum, 2007. Lives in Santiago, Chile, where she has served as a teacher of painting and art history at the Universities Andrés Bello, Development, Uniacc, Diego Portales and Technology. Has the National Council Fondart scholarship of Culture 2007.

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