Roxy Rich


    • relief
    • Sculptor
    • Painter
    • Mixed media
    • Abstract expressionist


    Lorimar Loft Wine Tasting Room and Art Gallery. Old Town Temecula, California

    About the artist

    Specializing in three dimensional sculpted texture on canvas, Roxy's art is truly unique. She mixes specific ingredients in her studio to create a sticky paste which she then sculpts in her abstract style. These take hours to create and once dry, several hours to paint. A lover of the Ocean, Southern California, and Wine, Roxy creates Beach, Southwestern, and Winery  scenes using real seashells, corks, and handcrafted materials in her art.   She is most well known for her wine bottles.  Recently, she developed Champagne and Martini collections which have become very popular as well. Her completely unique materials, designs and exotic colors make each piece one of a kind.  Her paintings literally dazzle and sparkle and are guaranteed to be a conversation piece in your home, office or business.