Ruben Sanchez


    • Male
    • Graffiti
    • Street art


    About the artist

    I’m Ruben Sanchez. Born and raised in Madrid, Spain.

    Around 1993 I used to be just like another kid, drawing cartoons in my text books, etc… until I was kidnapped by the graffiti and skateboard culture. Skateboarding and graffiti wasn’t cool by then and street art didn’t even exist as we know it now. The fact of being a graffiti artist who skates turns you into a cool guy nowadays, but in the 90’s doing this turned you into a society waste instantly.

    Things never have been the same since that kidnapping: benches, stairs, handrails and the whole city was for skate on it. Walls, signs, trains, and the whole city was for painting on it too. The world became a huge skateable canvas to skate and paint wherever I go, meeting friends with my own interests. That was my school and this is how I met my second family.

    Some years later a bunch of this friends and myself moved from Madrid to a cloud, up in the sky, and we lived there for a while. From my years in that cloud I remember that I spent most of my time looking at the people, animals, landscapes and situations through my kaleidoscope, deconstructing everything that I was seeing into a lot of different color pieces while I was laughing and sharing it with my friends. I met surrealism there, and we’re still good friends.

    Someday I came back to earth, I grabbed my skateboard and moved to Barcelona. That was a big change.

    Madrid used to be more traditional than Barcelona, when it comes to graffiti too. So this new graffiti style and also working as an illustrator and graphic designer in Barcelona have affected in what my artworks are nowadays.

    If you dissect any of my artworks in an operating room you will find graphic design, tribal art, graffiti, cubism, skateboard culture, 90’s and 80’s music, flamenco, social situations and a kaleidoscope among others.