• Male
    • Neoconceptual
    • Mixed media
    • Photographer
    • Digital artist

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    Rupert Cabrera graduated in fine arts from the Faculty of Barcelona, Member of the International Academy of modern art in Rome. His first exhibitions dates back to 1985 in the Conca Gallery of Tenerife. It was the first exhibition of contemporary art in Madrid. He has exhibited, among others, in; Gallery Villanueva (Madrid), Kreisler Gallery (Miami), Egee 3 (Madrid), Meza Gallery (Miami), Astoria Gallery (New Orleans), Bernheim Gallery (Panama) and Roberto Resino (Madrid). Fairs has been his work on several occasions; Miami Art Fair, NY Art Fair ARCO, Sotthebys NY, FIA Art Fair (Caracas), Art Basel Miami.
    institutionally his work has been exhibited in; Circulo de Bellas Artes de Tenerife, Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), Museo Nacional Reina Sofía (Madrid), Fundación ONCE and City Museum of Arts (Valencia), etc.
    now in ART ROOM (space pilot).