Ruth Gómez


    • Female
    • Digital artist
    • Drawer
    • Video artist


    Mário Sequeira. Braga, Portugal.
    La New Gallery. Madrid, España.


    About the artist

    Ruth Gómez graduated in fine arts from the University of Salamanca. Known for their video creations in animation, many of them developed also as videopinturas, and also by digital drawings or pencil and his murals and installations, the work of Ruth Gómez has an impact, since the closeness and everyday life in different aspects of the human condition within contemporary society, opening the door to the possibility of escape and evasion through the fancy features of youth culture, such as graffiti or the Japanese anime, distinctive and significant use of color and some renewal of traditions of pop art but also of the classical drawing have become one of the national artists of reference. He has participated in international fairs such as Art Fiera (Bologna), Art Dubai, Art Lisbon, Art Cologne (Palma de Mallorca), Sp art (São Paulo), The Armory Show (New York) and ARCO (Madrid). Their videos and drawings have been in museums as MUSAC (León), DA2 (Salamanca), CAC (Malaga), CAAC (Seville), CAB (Burgos), ARTIUM (Vitoria), MNBA (Buenos Aires), San Diego Museum of Art, or MOCA (Seoul) among others. He has collaborated with the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, made a music video for the Group Fangoria, and participated in festivals such as the SFIAF (San Francisco), PARALLAX (Belgrade) or the FIBart (Benicassim). It has been awarded the prize of Arts plastic of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in France, a scholarship from the Ministry of culture at the College of Spain in Paris, MUSAC and others, and is present in collections such as the of the Coca-Cola Foundation, MUSAC (León), More (Santander), ARTIUM (Vitoria) or CCS (Malaga) among others. Lives and works in Madrid.