Salah Seif


    • Male
    • Painter
    • Abstract expressionist


    1. The plot of the painting is complete it indicates your high level of will, energy and ability to work hard.
    2. The images undergo your personal transformation thats why possible to conclude that you’re creative and not ordinary in different fields in life.
    how is the people emotions are very complecated.

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    The artist born in Cairo (Egypt) in 1976. He studied economics and management of Cairo, in the United States.UU. and in Germany.

    The love of art and painting discovered only after having worked hard and had taken note of how our lives revolve around the power and money. These motifs also appear in his paintings.

    In Nuremberg lives since December 2005. Time spent in Germany has completely changed his life - which has seen how the martial world is full of jealousy and hatred. This experience has influenced him greatly and also characterizes her paintings.

    Is of the opinion that the Germans, while driving big cars and have bold accounts never satisfied and forget as much as we cannot take to the grave.


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