Salvador Alibau


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    About the artist

    1925: Salvador Alibau was born in Barcelona on 14 March.
    1944-1948: Training at the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes of Barcelona.
    2012: He died on 22 January

    Accademia di Belli Arti di Roma and Artistic Liceu. Italian Travel to various locations (the influence of Renaissance art will leave a significant deposit at maturity) and Paris, where he frequented the group of artists from the University City.

    · Grand Prix Barcelona Provincial Council.

    · National Fine Arts Exhibition, Madrid (col · collective).

    · Picks Jaimes, Barcelona. 1959
    · Living Macaroni, Madrid.
    · Saló of Maig, Barcelona.

    · Saló of Maig, Barcelona.

    · Saló of Maig, Barcelona.

    Family needs him away from the paint. Case factory trim craft becomes a thriving industry. Alibau involved in the design of moldings and decor. Also in the machines and production processes. This experience will be valuable for the future.

    Settles in Sant Llorenç d'Hortons (Alt Penedès). Returns artistic activity and initiates an ongoing process of exploration and invention of techniques and processes in pulp and paper.

    · Museum of Capellades Molí stationery, with the use of pigmented pulp, sponsored by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

    · Sant Llorenç d'Hortons retrospective, organized and sponsored by the City of the villa.

    · French Institute of Barcelona. Sponsored by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
    · VI Catalan Contemporary Art Exhibition (traveling).

    · French Institute in Barcelona: Catalan painters 17 and the French Revolution, Barcelona, ??Perpignan, Sabadell, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lleida, Lyon, Andorra, Paris.
    · Centre Cultural Caixa Terrassa. The opening ceremony, the piano improvisations of works exhibited, by the composer Manel Camp.
    · Art London 89, with Canals Art Gallery, Booth monograph.

    · Gallery Michel Guinle, in space Poisson d'Or (Lyons). At the same time, in the same palace, participates in the exhibition 17 Catalan painters and the French Revolution.
    · Exhibition and Installation at the French Institut Barcelona, ??Vestibul II and Space Gallery. Joint publication of a monograph with the House of Goya in Bordeaux.

    · Casa Goya, Bordeus.
    · Knabro Gallerie, Copenhagen.
    · Spanish Cultural Center, Copenhagen.
    · 10 years of Spanish art in the House of Goya, Bordeaux
    · Collective pro Doctors Without Borders, Trànsit Gallery, Barcelona.
    · House of Spain, Oslo.
    · Trànsit Gallery, Barcelona.

    · Unique Galerie Dal and Eidsvoll, Oslo.
    · Girona Art Gallery
    · Collective Gallery artet Canals-Sant Cugat del Vallès. Art-Sant Olympiad Cugat'92. With the cooperation of the City.

    · Museum of Modern Art in Tarragona
    · Collective pro Els Quatre Vents Foundation in Barcelona Athenaeum.

    · Retrospective 1987-1994 in classrooms 1 and 2 of the Cultural Center of the Caixa Terrassa. With the collaboration of the Department of Fine Arts of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

    Series starts Matemártica.
    · Collective House of Culture of Girona. Artists and the Sardana.

    · Rector of the University Rovira i Virgili of Tarragona.

    · Exhibition of six large works, four Matemártica collection, as a guest artist program Arribi quan Avisa'ns 2000 and interview.

    · Publication of the extensive monograph Alibau, technical work and cellulose fiber (Tarragona, Arola Editors) Josep contexts Corredor-Matheos, Conxita Oliver and the same Savior Alibau.
    · Alibau work: The Nature and Matemártica and installation Ecology and paper. In the viewpoint of the museum Molí Capellades stationery.
    · Exhibition of works from the collection in central Matemártica Catalan Studies Institute, and panel chaired by its president Manuel Castellet and Sebastià involving Xambó, Oriol Pi Cabanyes, Joan Girbau, David Jou and Alibau Salvador. Promoted by the Catalan Society of Mathematics in connection with the closing of the Year of mathematics. Barcelona.

    · Living Blanquerna Madrid. Alibau: The Nature and Matemártica. Works on cellulose fiber.

    · Catalan Studies Centre of the University of Paris-Sorbonne. Cellulose Matemártica and Zen Presentation by Eliseu Trenc.
    · Municipal Art Room Sabiñánigo. Cellulose Matemártica and Zen
    · Complementary Act exposure in Periel Mill, within the framework of the Festival Pirineosclassic: Creations piano music to Manel Camp on six works Alibau and then discussing the play of Salvador Alibau in its 80th year.

    · Chamber of Sarria de Ter Patronat. Cel · cellulose, Matemártica and Zen

    · Opening of the Catalan Countries dels Evocation sculpture in Centenary Institute of Catalan Studies 1907-2007, permanently installed at the headquarters of this institution, in the palace of the House Convalescència of Barcelona, ??in the garden of Rodoreda. From this project, Alibau explores the sculptural medium, alongside his work on cellulose.

    · Museum of Montserrat. Montserrat: Alibau, 2009. This is the first exhibition of the artist in qual part of the exhibited work is sculptural.

    · November 22: Release of "audio: Symphonic Variations for Orchestra on pictorial works of Salvador Alibau" Carles Guinovart Auditori in Barcelona by the Orquestra Ciutat de Barcelona, ??with the direction of Eiji Oue.

    · Dies on January 22.