Salvador Torres


    • Male
    • Photographer
    • Painter

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)


    Salvador Torres
    was born in 1971 in Cartagena (Murcia)

    Holds a degree in fine arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

    The work of Torres this halfway between pop and lyrical figuration, proposal to us is situated to a plastic narration between fiction and reality, a work where each painting conveys a reflection between the biographical and dreams.

    Has exhibited at art fairs such as Artexpo 2001 (Barcelona), Mac21 (Malaga), 2002 and 2003 Lineart (Ghent, Belgium), Fotoencuentros 06 (Murcia), and ARTMADRID 07.
    their exhibitions include Germinal (2000), a metaphysical vision (2003), the Opinion of 15 (2003), 100 years 100 artists from the newspaper La Verdad (2004)The fil daurat (2005), VII Salon de la critique (2009), Gallery 9 (2011) and art by Lorca (2012).

    has exhibited individually about Lawrence (2000), Chinese restaurant (2001), utopian soccer (2003), (2006) private iconography, the forgotten tailor (2007) in the stables room of Murcia, the zoo where we live (2008) in the Byzantine wall roomThe anthropophagic scholar (2010) within the project of contemporary art of Murcia, painted (2011) time in the room, Cajamurcia Cedaceros, Madrid, figuration in transit (2012) at Hotel Nelva in Murcia and painted narratives (2013) at the Museum of fine arts of Murcia (MUBAM).


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