Samuel Labadie


    • Male

    About the artist

    1978: Born in France
    1997-2002: Art studies at the national school of fine arts of Lyon

    The elaborate work now revolves around different influences (science, psychoanalysis, anthropology, popular culture) that affect the field of art history and their codes. These fields of action are analyzed dialectically: a spontaneous process of work and theoretical research leads me to the final work.

    So, I claim from all practice fields observed both conceptual and instinctive symbol concept unifies me.

    The ongoing dialogue between culture and artistic production process is the fundamental idea that trying to defend.

    In short, I like the idea that art is a great game, a free game that accept countless rules of the game, provided you understand all your needs.

    Since 2006, the project focuses on working in his studio in Bayonne, which allowed him to conceptualize and develop the idea of ??dialogue between culture and symbol found in his work. After participating in several projects in Barcelona 2007 (Process Oberts 4 cycle obsession Mollet) decided to move to Barcelona and take the context of the emerging art of the city.

    In recent years he has participated in the exhibition "Comic Release" of commissioner David Armengol in MasArt Gallery, also in Barcelona, arranging its activity in the same way as a resident artist at the production center Hangar, which provided him projects to participate in "Wanted", presented at the MACBA Auditorium in October 2010 and the exhibition "the Great Adventure" Can Felipa.