Samuel Sultana


    • Male
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Illustrator
    • Painter

    About the artist

    Samuel Sultana is a contemporary Franco-Maltese painter, born in 1990, who currently resides in Malta. After completing his studies in his home country, he spent some time in the UK where he gained a Masters in Fine Arts at the University for the Creative Arts. He creates both abstract and figurative works that are characterised by their bold colours.

    Maltese traditions

    At the age of 1, Sultana raised a hammer during his quccija, a Maltese tradition where children are offered a series of objects, each symbolising a trade or future career. The hammer is a tool that represents both creation and destruction, and it was a choice that reflects Sultana’s commitment to art and creativity.

    Inspired by nature

    Sultana is inspired by nature, painting animal portraits that feature bold patterns, gestural brushstrokes and swirling lines that lend the work a certain dynamic. Sultana’s works also feature vibrant colours, and include areas of both abstraction and figuration. His abstract work will often reveal figurative elements hidden within it.

    Artist on the rise

    At such a young age, Sultana's work has already been widely shown in Malta and overseas in the UK. He has exhibited at the Malta Street Art Festival and at the Malta Maritime Museum. He's also won two awards from the World Intellectual Property Organisation: the Young Innovator Award in 2016 and the Creative Innovation Award in 2017.

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