Sandra Nuin


    • Female
    • Sculptor


    About the artist

    My art work has always been founded on figurative sculpture, working with different materials and covering ceramics to bronze, being clay the one I always come back to.
    Through modelling, I can easily express movement, giving therefore richness and certain sensuality to my pieces. Besides, I also get a feeling of contentment when mixing the final ceramic sculpture with roots, stones, straws and any material taken from nature, clarifying the sense of it, gaining different textures and visual power.

    Old poems written by my grandfather emerge as a constituent element of my work. Taking parts of them, or joining words chosen randomly to create new poems and integrate them into some of the sculptures brings me great relish.

    All these aspects mentioned stand as a balanced illustration of the expression of my art work, shaping it as a resemblance of Nature and a tribute to my roots and ancestors.

    My personal view and inner feelings are represented as well. Both sculpture and writing stand as a means of expressing my own personal process, featuring the challenges I have been through. It can perfectly tell a personal evolution.

    Finally, I could obviously say that it is an autobiographic art work.