Santi Cervera


    • Male
    • Painter
    • Abstract expressionist

    About the artist

    Santi Cervera's paintings, with their exact impact of elegance through abstraction, are supposed to be a distortion of reality, in which the artist claims to provoke feelings. The final sensation is a deep pleasant feeling. His paintings, cause the most absolute evasion of daily life, evoking an infinite serenity, a complacent emotion. His paintings reflect the most serene expression of reality flowing beyond words.

    Santi Cervera’s drawings are supposed to be the other side of the artist’s works. His drawings convey the most personal side of the artist. In his drawings, a vibration is perceived differently, as the confrontation with the blank page. Drawings are provided with a highly expressive force through which everyday aspects are shown along the moment. Unlike his painting, which through abstraction aims to give a real sense, his drawings, distort reality coming to create abstraction.