Sara Arnaout


    • Female
    • Collage
    • Mixed media
    • Painter


    About the artist


    Sara Arnaout was born in Turin on March 5, 1971.
    Lived hier childhood in Amman, Jordan, country of origin of his father.
    She moved later in Turin with her mother and sister, at the home of his maternal grandparents: it was during this period that derives a first and never died down infatuation for pop icons of the ' 50 and ' 60 film and music.
    At thirteen she moved to the United States, in Red Bank, New Jersey, where he graduated at Red Bank Middle School and is distinguished from the outset in the art world by winning several Art Awards. Then enrolled at Red Bank Regional High School where she studied art and painting lessons by actively participating in the American artistic life and various art competitions reported by her teachers.
    In 1988 she moved family again, this time in Milan.
    In 1996 she graduated with the highest marks in scenography at the Academy of fine arts of Brera. During this period of study and apprenticeship, approaches the history of contemporary art and cinema that will have a lasting influence on many of his works.
    The Academy provides technical tools and a cultural horizon to refine his art: drawing inspiration from the great masters of the Italian Arte Povera, Action Painting and American Pop Art, create sets and costumes using images printed on paper, newspaper clippings, materials and fabrics.
    Participates actively in the artistic life of Brera, collaborating in the creation of sets and short films, and in 1995 she participates in the collective exhibition initiated by Prof. Del Guercio, Professor of art history at the Academy of Brera, Genoa Museum Unwitting forms Active Quarter entitled "identity-materials of contemporary art".
    The artist draws inspiration from contemporary art techniques freely using tools and meThe artist draws freely inspired by the contemporary art techniques using non-traditional instruments and means of painting as the collage, decollage and automatic writing.
    Her informal art inspired by her passions, myths and the great longing for freedom of expression in the ?eld, herself defines her works "fragments of memories" and considers the artistic expression of her lived.
    Sara Arnaout lives and works in Milan.

    Recent shows:

    -November 2013 solo exhibition entitled: "from the Decollage of Mimmo Rotella to Pop Art of Sara Arnaout" in Munich. Prestigious event dedicated to international art collectors in the art gallery of Re d’italia Art Munchen.
    -October 2014 exhibition "contemporary Italian artists from the ' 900" Second Edition in Munich.
    -September 2015 exhibition "contemporary Italian artists from 900 to the present" third edition in Munich.
    -April 2015 inaugurated in Milan at Re d’Italia Art Gallery with a solo show by Sara Arnaout held in baptism by the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi.
    -May 2015 exposes at Villa Bagatti Valsecchi for Expo Arte Italiana, Lombardy region's project entitled "200 masters of Italian art, 100 emerging artists".
    Event curated by Vittorio Sgarbi Ambassador Expo to fine arts.
    -December 2015 participates in the exhibition "Milano meets Miami” during Art Basel in Miami , Florida USA

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