Sara Diciero


    • Female
    • Digital artist
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Installation
    • Painter

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    Sara Diciero born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1949. With an extensive background in scientific computing, Diciero manages to become an outstanding and multifaceted artist plastic that reflects their dreams from Buenos Aires, through the painting, the Lighting installations, drawings and digital art.

    Intervened in more than 450 shows in museums, galleries, cultural centers, fairs and biennials both Argentine and international. He made 37 individual samples in Argentina and wait for 3 for the rest of the year; He participated in art fairs as 2001 and 2002 Arteba, Expotrastiendas 2004/6/7, classical art 2004/5/6 and Expo-artists from 2005 to 2010 and 2014 – 16.
    intervened at national, municipal, and private events where he received 49 Awards; She was selected in the 48th and LIII Salon Municipal Manuel Belgrano.
    it unfolded as a juror in painting competitions and wrote for the magazine 5 arts.

    On the outside, exposed in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Cuba - biennial of the Havana 1996, Spain, France, India, England, Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico fair Arwy, Romania, Uruguay, etc. In Denmark he participated in the flag "Love and peace", in Turkey in the mural "horrors of war". It was represented by 8th Elephant Contemporary Art Gallery, New York, USA, during 2006 and 2007.

    In 2000 breaks into art with your lightboxes where every face is a layer of resin or acrylic and light comes back; these are presented together as facilities with a striking visual effect.

    2012 has been developing digital art.

    Illustrated the book "Everything you ever forget" (2013) by the Chilean writer Cecilia Conejeros Morales, two books of poetry "Estuary, remote stays" (2005) and "Lies split bridge fog" (2014) whose author is Reyna Armendáriz González Mexican writer and a virtual children's book online.

    His work appears in numerous Argentine and foreign publications: newspapers, magazines, books, Cds, and Web sites. It was a true honor when the Romanian writer Hedwig Brenner included it in the 4th volume of women artists of Jewish origin East Europe from.

    Students from pre-school, primary, secondary and museology, the INÚA and journalism students have been based on his art works, including University of fine arts in Costa Rica and Colombia. It is recommended the study of their Lightboxes in educational institutions of Spain.

    Part of his work is located in institutions of the country and abroad, and it was acquired by private collectors of Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Croatia, Chile, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico and USA.

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