Scarlett De Witt


    • Female
    • Photographer
    • Abstract


    About the artist

    Scarlett creates abstract images. She does this using shutter speed and bright changing neon lights, in total darkness. Each image is uncreatable, and thus one of a kind. The intent behind each picture is to make the viewers imagination turn on. Which would then lead to the viewer seeing many different, hidden things in each image. Each of these images is taken well after the sun goes down, in total darkness. The location for each of these images, is believe it or not the same! Inside a space that she uses in her home, which which is not affected by any city lights. The most amazing part, is that she does not filter or photoshop any of her images!! As hard as that may be to believe, each image you will see of hers is fresh off the camera. She is trying to show the world a new and modern style of shutter speed photography. She hopes to share her photographs with people from all walks of life! She is part of the next generation of artist, and shows it through her bold colors and ideas. When she first began to develop her style of art, she received much negative backlash about it. Peers of hers argued that her work was to bold and abstract. After months of this backlash she almost gave up on her newly found style. However the words of a wise professor kept her going, and now today she receives much praise and recognition for her work. Such as getting some of her photos excepted into the Hyde Museum. She is now well on her way in becoming an aspiring and successful artist.

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