Sébastien Laroche-Hôte


    • Male
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Drawer


    Espace Blanche Contemporary Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
    Pictura Aeterna Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium


    About the artist

    web : www.sebastienlarochehote.com

    Before being an artist, Sébastien Laroche-Hôte is, above all, a patient observer of illusive appearances of the contemporary society. The coexistence of its peculiarities, psychological, sociological, religious or spiritual is the basic material of his work. The human being, central element, and his quest for sense, situating the junction point on the interface of the big “Labyrinth”.

    The addiction, the irrepressible need to belong to a definite group, to a school of thoughts and action, appears to him as scattered elements hindering a global vision of the phenomenal world and its relative reality, transitional and impermanent. Therefore, the medium or format used to extract out of it the conceptual illusion are secondary ; only counts the universal symbol emanating from the graphic representations, bi- or
    three-dimensional ; micro and macro being indefinitely mouldable ; the only optic collision, a subjective awakening of the collective psychic, having a reason to be.

    The hypnotic character of the computer science universe, the human being’s compulsive marking and his reassuring need ; the digital identification, the nano(bio)technology excesses, the sub-cutaneous implantation, are many recurring themes of his plastic experimentation's field. /Extr. B.Davis

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