Sergi Rodríguez Vera


    • Male
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Designer
    • Digital artist
    • Photographer



    About the artist

    I'm a young student of product design of Barcelona.

    About a year ago I started to work as a freelance and sharing all my work in different social media platforms. Somehow I felt that I needed a space to share what I'm doing.

    For me is a way to share my ideas, my perspectives and who I am with a (more or less) interested audience.

    I believe that sharing your work is a good way to submit yourself to criticism and improve on what you're doing. Although in my case, that act was somewhat frightening.

    My relationship with Facebook (my most used platform) was a bit special...

    I had been long planning and structuring a FanPage for the day in which I dared to publicize my work. The problem? That day never came.

    It was hard for me to show what it was doing and putting it on trial, but one day I set out. I launched the page and started with my plan. At the beginning, I felt uncomfortable, I had a year plan, but becoming the project into live was something that terrified and excited me at the same time. As I was publishing my work and it was having a minimum reception, I started to get more excited.

    My relationship with my FanPage started as a tool of promotion, but it became a very important part of myself. It became a place to share my message and find my own voice.

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