Slawomir Pawszak


    • Male

    About the artist

    Lives and works in Warsaw
    1984: Was born in Warsaw, Poland

    It has been only a year since Slawomir Pawszak drew attention to his talent presenting his painter’s diploma at the Center for Contemporary Art Zamek Ujazdowski in Warsaw. The concept of large-scale white canvasses with tiny bits of reality painted on them has grown out of Edmund Husserl’s "Phenomenology". It was an attempt to look at the reality in a way, which the artist himself described as “careless tourist’s”. Pawszak unambiguously positioned himself in relation to the art of painting; he was disinterested in narration from day one. What intrigues him most are the properties of the painterly medium as such – beginning from the substance of paint, via the specificity of the very act of painting and all the way to the ambiguous situation of the art of painting of today; on the one hand treated and acting as a fetish, on the other, stigmatized as the obsolete area of contemporary art world.

    The Forty degrees in shade exhibition collects paintings and objects created in the last three months. In the drying room on the 8th floor of the block of flats where Pawszak lives, layers upon layers of his painterly activity amassed, traces of paint and oil, blotches, traces left by wiping of brushes, unfinished canvasses, some cut to pieces standing against the walls. Pawszak takes an intimate look at those remnants and paints their portrait. The art of painting thus becomes utterly narcissistic and self-devouring activity. Self-sufficient and therefore devoid of any outward pretence.

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