Søren Thilo Funder


    • Male

    About the artist

    2000-2001: The European Film College.
    2002-2008: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.
    2006-2007: The School of Art and Architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

    Artist Statement

    The works are formal investigations of the power relations of modern day society. Through the use of cinematic narratives, choreography and mise en scène, the works strive to expose the precariousness of contemporary society and the broken link between politics and the political.

    In the works the nostalgic is juxtaposed with the current and unpredictable lifeworld of the political subject, often moving beyond the mere present and into the yet-to-come or the parallel now.

    The works aim to dissect and reveal the invisibles of urban society, taking use of the fictional and extra-real in order to pose new questions and generate a new potential space, a third place, for political contemplations and counter-memory.