Stefan Fierros


    • Male
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Neoconceptual

    About the artist

    Stefan Fierros grew up in Madrid,Spain.His parents,architect and classical dancer/artist left a strong artistic influence since childhood. He has lived around the world in Spain,Mexico,Paris and England. This has created a very mixed cultural background which has influenced his work. Working in Painting & Drawing his work is mainly  Abstract but also often uses the subject of landscape and nature.

    His  main interest is in 'the nature of the spiritual' and different 'states of being' he experiences.The creation of his work id the result of a very intuitive process,following the translation of complex abstract ideas and emotional states of being into a cohesive path which leads to the building up of form and color using geometric,organic and ethereal elements.

    He studied art at the Institute of Fine Art & Design in Southampton.England.
    His work can be found in private collections in the UK and abroad.