Stéphane Vigny


    • Male
    • Sculptor

    About the artist

    Stéphane Vigny places us within a complex aesthetic, which takes its elements from the rural world, the suburbs, the 'view along the road', and innocently brings them towards a new identity as artpieces, which one couldn't seriously consider as a coincidence. For Mallarmé 'the world 's been made to become a beautiful novel', Stéphane Vigny does nothing but adapt and develop this hypothesis in his own field. 

    With maniac care, and results he himself paradoxically calls rustic, he assembles, reinvents, dissects and spreads the substance of the elements he withdrew from reality. The delicate look of his meaningfull constructions, as meticulous and impeccable they may appear, actually reaches the state of radical conceptual work.